Welcome to Yoga Loft LA – Woodland Hills, California


Thanks to our devoted teachers and students the Yoga Loft has survived the covid pandemic. While our hearts go out to all who have suffered during these unprecedented times, we are also hopeful and encouraged that Los Angeles will continue its progress forward. We are planning our re-opening with a mix of in-studio and on-line classes. The in-studio classes will be hybrid (live classes and simultaneously streamed). As of April 18th we will be gradually reopening the in-studio classes with a reduced schedule and limited capacity. An reservation will be necessary to attend in-studio and on-line classes require an access code. Please use the Book a Class link on the website homepage where you can access the schedule, create an account, arrange payment, and make a reservation for in-studio and on-line classes.

For more information please contact Victoria
Email: yogaloftla@gmail.com

We look forward to everyone’s healthy return.


May the pure light of your spirit shine and guide you through each day.

We appreciate your on-going commitment to your well-being by including a Yoga practice into your life, we are continually looking at improving the ways in which we can serve you, if you have any feedback or suggestions please let us know.

Blessings from the staff at The Yoga Loft

Yoga Is For Every Body

Magazines, TV commercials, your friends are doing it, hospitals are offering it, why even your doctor may have recommended it…but, you may say to yourself “I’m too old, too inflexible, I don’t have time, it’s too “woo woo”, or whatever! Yet, all of those thoughts are just fears.

So, what IS Yoga?
Contrary to popular belief, Yoga is not just for the young, super flexible, double-jointed minority hoping to reach nirvana (bliss) OR a waste of time! Yoga encourages mastery over the fluctuations of the mind and moves you onto a path leading to physical health, and mental clarity. With the current popularity of Yoga today, many people are going to Yoga classes ONLY to enhance their physical fitness but, that is not the whole story.

Although Yoga is NOT a religion, it is a discipline that cultivates the inner connection between the body, breath, mind and soul and will only enhance whatever spiritual path you are on.

Choosing the right style Hatha Yoga is the physical practice of Yoga and there are different styles. Some styles provide a rigorous workout by practicing powerful movements that flow from one to the next. In other styles, the postures (asanas) are performed separately and are held for several minutes depending on the person’s experience. Often “Hatha” refers to an eclectic mix of styles.

Benefits Yoga has been proven to be very effective in the treatment of many ailments including but not limited to improved circulation, flexibility, range of motion, bone density, and HDL (the “good” cholesterol) and digestion, as well as REDUCING stress and fatigue.

Finding the right teacher can be a hit-or-miss situation. Interview the potential teacher, ask about their background, length of time teaching, what style they teach and by all means if you have any physical conditions ask if they know how to modify the poses for your individual needs. Is the teacher approachable and willing to take the time to talk to you? Trust your gut.

The beginners beginning The practice of yoga is very personal. It is a process where we are creating changes in our body, our mind and our heart. While a Yoga practice can expand your consciousness, the first step is to consciously make the choice to “step on the mat” so to say! And, although it may take some time (one class is not a good gage), it’s worth it YOU WILL FEEL BETTER!

Where to yoga THE YOGA LOFT offers small classes that will fit into your lifestyle and be appropriate for your level of flexibility. Our expertly trained teaching staff offers extensive knowledge and direction in each class.

Realizing that the joy of Yoga unfolds over time, we encourage you to take several classes and try different teachers to find the right class for you. GIVE YOGA A TRY.

See you in class.