Our Hatha Yoga TeachersWe wish to acknowledge all of those teachers who have come before us and who graciously shared their knowledge of the traditional teachings of Yoga. Each of our teachers has a unique gift and approach, linking mind, body and spirit through the practice of breathing exercises and asanas (postures). A Hatha Yoga practice involves asanas that reinforce the body’s inherent wisdom, while respecting the emotional, physical, mental and energetic needs that are unique to each person. Students are encouraged to honor their limitations and to work at their own pace. Breathing techniques heighten the awareness of the body and provide tools to support moods and energy levels. While the body stretches and strengthens, physical and emotional tension is released. Each class ends with a deep relaxation, integrating a freshly energized self. At THE YOGA LOFT we are committed to share these teachings to the best of our understanding with all those who pass through our doors.
Victoria began practicing Hatha Yoga in 1974 and has been teaching Yoga since 1985. She has studied and taught in the USA, U.K., Europe, and with the Iyengars in India. Her interest in health and well-being began in 1969 when she connected the cause of dis-ease with an imbalance in the whole person. Since that time she has explored into the realms of what it is to be human and the relationship of the mind, body and spirit to restore wholeness. She has additional training in nutrition, meditation, breathing, metaphysics, non-violent communication, movement and art therapy. She has a Masters of Science degree in Recreation Therapy and has worked with many special needs populations. Victoria brings to her teaching an understanding of the philosophical teachings of Yoga and the techniques of B.K.S. Iyengar. She also enjoys traveling, cooking and gardening. She opened the YOGA LOFT in 1999. 

Natalie Schwartz
Natalie began practicing yoga & meditation 17 years ago to help heal her body after a life threatening illness. Since becoming a certified teacher 10 years ago she continues to attend workshops and retreats to deepen her practice. Her teaching reflects the wisdom of yoga, mindfulness and meditation which has become a way of living for her. She finds great joy in watching her students improve body awareness and flexibility as well as reducing stress and tension. Natalie believes that going inward and focusing on the breath, one can achieve stillness & peace. She has B. A. in English. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, classical music & spending time with her grandchildren. 

Diego Gesualdi
Diego is a Health and Wellness Instructor who graduated from The Chopra Center (Carlsbad, CA) as a Vedic Educator with an emphasis in Meditation, Yoga, and Ayurveda. He studied with leading teachers in the field, such as Deepak Chopra and others in the field. Diego’s 30 year yoga, mediatation and ayurveda journey, has led him into diverse locations, such as prisons, rehabilitation programs, health organizations, and community centers. 

Barbara Yundt, M.S., RYT
Barbara began practicing yoga in 1975 and found sanctuary in the practice. When she was in an accident in 1989 from which she was not expected to survive, yoga was significant in her recovery. Her body was broken from her brain to her feet, and yoga provided a foundation for her healing and continues a mainstay today. It sustains her physically, mentally, and emotionally. She believes that, with continued practice, yoga can help others achieve functional mobility as well. The lightness and joy inherent in yoga is a beautiful byproduct, not only for her but for all who practice. When not practicing yoga, Barbara loves to write, cook, walk and hike, travel, spend time with her family, and laugh. 

Paula Russell, RYT500, YTRX500
Paula Russell began practicing yoga 13 years ago while pregnant. After the birth of her children her practice allowed her a respite from the demands of motherhood. She soon made the connection of not only how great her body felt practicing yoga but also on what truly matters in life. Her teaching experience began after observing adults asking kids to “quiet their body,” to “mind themselves,” and realized adults have difficulty too. Paula guides students to connect the movement and the breath to gain more self-awareness on the mat which is then translated into everyday life. She has a love for life and invites a myriad of living beings into her family to nurture; her husband and 2 children but also 2 dogs, 2 lizards, 10 chickens, and an organic edible garden. With yoga in her life, she continues to build what she needs to take care of herself and those around her with calm and joy. –>